Fox 25th Anniversary Shows


On March 6, 1992, the Fox Theatre opened it’s doors to the public with a performance from The Meters. Started by a group of young men – James and Charles Hambleton, Dave MacKenzie, Jon O’Leary, Don Strasburg – and the sage-like Dicke Sidman, the Fox Theatre quickly grew from “the little club that could” into a touchstone of the music community. Fans, artists and industry vets alike recognize the Fox as offering one of the best customer and artist experiences. Publications such as Pollstar and Rolling Stone routinely rank the venue as one of the best clubs in the country. To celebrate this quarter-century milestone of rock ’n’ roll history, the Fox proudly features shows from some of the bands, the family really, who’ve helped build its reputation. Tickets still available for the shows below

There are no events currently scheduled for this venue.